Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas From Kerry, The Cats, and The Roaches In My Sink

Current time: 10:54AM
Time I woke up: 4:50AM
Reason for waking: Sister Dusie was awake
Time Plum woke up: 6:30AM
Time Mom and Aces arrived for present opening: 6:55AM
Time Peaches woke up: 7:31AM

Number of cups of coffee I have had: 2
Number of pieces of bacon I ate: 1
Number of carrots eaten: 2
Probable time of lunch: 1pm

Number of books about trains I have read this morning: 3
Number of times I have read each of those books: At least 3
Maximum number of times I have read "Two Little Trains" by Margaret Wise Brown back to back: 4
Number of times I would read that book again at the behest of the Plum: Infinite

Items I brought realizing my sister would probably forget them: 4
Items: 4 boxes of fresh herbs for roast, can of biscuits, large sour cream, garlic
Item I should have located and brought: a meat thermometer
Chance we will have to put the roast back in the oven at least once: 75%
Time I left the house yesterday: 3:03pm
Items I left for the cats: wet food, dry food, water, freeze-dried turkey, a Catmas tree decorated with cat toys
Amount of hunger and pique I will experience upon my return: Considerable

Amount of times I was assured by Peaches that she really wanted me to sleep over on Christmas Eve: 2
And that I could share her bed: 2
Amount of time she allowed me to share her bed before having a meltdown and banishing me
to the couch: 1 hour
Time I will sneak off and take a nap in her bed: noon

Oddest item Santa brought: A Malibu Barbie Dream House
Amount of time it takes to put together a Barbie Dream House: 90 minutes
Most frugal item Santa brought: Aunt Aces' old sewing machine
Person who received both gifts: Peaches
Best joke posted to Facebook: Peaches holding a giant Hello Kitty alarm clock titled "Now I won't be late to my shift at Aunt Aces' sweatshop!"

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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