Saturday, May 31, 2014

Best Thing I Bought Recently: Cat Edition

Cain is a big fatty. And as the owner of a pudge pudge, it's been hard to find a good carrier to take him to the vet and other places. He's too big for the Made In America plastic carriers with the side clips--the last one I bought came apart as I was carrying him downstairs. A wire cage is awkward to take on the bus. I had a padded mesh shoulder carrier that was intended for small dogs, but after several years he had torn holes in the mesh and it was only a matter of time before he escaped.

With a semi-annual trip to the vet coming up, I needed a solution. A browse around the internet lead me to dog carriers, and the Snoozer 4 in 1 Roll Around. The large size holds a 30lb dog, so I can put both Cain and Willa in it if needed. I intend to use it as a rolling suitcase carrier, but it also can be worn as a backpack, fastened into the back seat of a car, and folds out into a bed. The small and medium sizes can be taken on a plane and stowed under the seat.

The mesh is a thick rubber, but Cain hasn't even tried to claw at it. It's padded inside, and an easy to clean vinyl-ish material. The attachable pad for the bottom is harder to keep attached--it fell off twice--but I seem to have the trick of attaching it now.

I used it on today's trip to the vet. It got a lot of attention, because hey, crazy cat lady on the bus with a handsome cat in a super posh carrier. Cain still cried on the way up to the bus stop and meowed on the bus, but he seemed to like the rolling after a while and how he could see more of the world but still feel safe. No clawing, and since it has plenty of room it was easy to put him in and hold him while I zipped it up. I hope this is something that I can use to give the cats adventure in the fall.

By the way, I bought this with my own money and that link isn't an affiliate link.

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