Saturday, May 17, 2014

2 Toddlers, 2 Cats, 1 Adult And A 600 Square Foot Apartment

Tomorrow Peaches and the Plum are coming over for the whole day to hang out. It will be 103 degrees, so our outside time will be limited. I made a list of things for us to do.

Let's brush Cain

Let's give Cain a waterless bath

Let's be very quiet and hope Willa comes out from under the bed

Help Aunt Scar do her laundry

Aunt Scar's bed is a boat. Where are we sailing?

Hiding Monsters--Yes, it's an app, but the Plum likes to play his own version of hide and seek where he is the monster and someone has to find him.

Make a fort out of all Scar's books--I have a lot of books. I don't mind if the kids stack them like blocks.

Make a blanket cave

Watch the newborn kitten cam

Dance party

Take a bath

Take the bus somewhere--Maybe Essence Bakery? The kids like to take the bus.

Pit and eat all the cherries--It's May, therefore the start of the time when I spend half my takehome pay on cherries. I bought Raniers and regular sweet cherries today. So many cherries.

Go to the library--However, the library doesn't open until 1pm. Will we have enough to keep us busy until then?

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Anne At Large said...

When we last had kiddo duty (very rare for us, a 3 year old and his big sisters who are I think 5 and 7), we had a picnic on a blanket and got to watch movies and eat homemade popcorn. The blanket picnic was a particular success. Maybe something you could incorporate with the cherries? We had strawberries, it really felt like all we did was eat. Are little kids always starving or is it just the novelty of adults who are suckers and don't know when to say no (e.g. me)? Although you are a better auntie than I to share cherries, they are like crack around here.