Sunday, May 04, 2014

Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Garden

Oh Saturday I took three buses to get to the Desert Botanical Garden to check out the blooming saguaro and the Chihuly exhibit in daylight.

I previously attended with my mom right before New Year, because I thought "Well, who else wants to see luminaria after Christmas?" Ha ha ha. Everyone wanted to see them. We were constantly dodging people who stopped in the middle of the path not to look at the sculpture but to take pictures. I find crowds uncomfortable, and then the added aggravation of people not even looking at the sculpture, and just mindlessly taking pictures to prove they were there and had consumed CULTURE, added to the general rage. So I put going back during daylight before the exhibit ends later this month on my to-do list. It was worth the sunburn.

Some of my experience this time around was colored by the fact I read Charles Stross's first two Laundry Files novels this week, and that makes the sculptures with their writhing feel particularly Chthulu-like.

See those snake heads?

Lilac polka dots do not decrease the feel of awe and energy.

And this gigantic thistle looks like an alien pod.

There were some lovely bird-like ones arranged around the pond that I saw at Christmas, but I believe that was closed due to the butterfly gardens. There are also more up the hill that are only visible at night.

You've got until the 18th to see them, and it was already 99-100 degrees yesterday (102 today) so get a move on! There's a reason they open the Zoo at 7am and the DBG at 8am here in Phoenix.

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