Thursday, July 19, 2007

Attack of the Broccoli, or CSA--Week 4

This week's CSA haul:

Broccoli--Broccoli is a vegetable I'm not super fond of. That is because I don't like the texture of florets. Just ew--they are squeaky and sort of bristle-like and big in you mouth. I do like broccoli stalks. They gave us what I would call spears, so I think it would be okay.
String beans
Small cuke
HUGE zucchini
Pecans--The suggested recipe is for a broc and pecan salad, but the idea does not make me leap with excitement.
Pattypan squash
Little red and white potatoes--perfect for potato salad, or broasting with a hunk of meat.

Any suggestions? I need ideas of things to make. I should post the contents of my fridge and run a contest.


Anonymous said...

Are you bothered by the texture of the florets when they're cooked, like in cream of broccoli soup? That would be one idea.

Kerry said...

I hate to say this, but the phrase "cream of _________ soup" gives me a visceral creepout. Ick, ick, ick.

holly_44109 said...

I am going to post these recipes tonight - I swear! This weekend I made a pecan bundt cake, zucchini ziti bake and coconut curry dish.