Thursday, July 19, 2007

Terrible, Terrible Day


The Emmy nominations lists sucks. No love for Friday Night Lights, which sould have swept the acting and writing categories. No love even in the best guest actor categories for Derek Phillips and Liz Mykiel. Travesty.

Spoilers for Harry Potter witten on a big sign in front of Phoenix Coffee on Detroit. Wow. You're just being jackasses for the sake of being jackasses, no?

Got hit on in a very creepy fashion on the street.

Missed my original bus because Starbucks forgot my drink. This is actually not too bad, because I at least got the (hushed voice of awe, with glee) cinnamon sugar donut! and a free drink coupon for my trouble. And I didn't have to ask for it, but I was going to because of the missed bus factor.

And I have apparently been putting life and limb in jeopardy in the mind of my coworkers by taking the train to the Windamere station and walking the half a block to the library. So my bosses set me up with a ride tonight, which is nice, but still.

Hot and humid. I've been trying to ignore the siren song of Indian food, but I may not succeed.

I have something due for work tomorrow. What do kids like anyway? Sigh.

And Cain just puked.


These are so incredibly first world problems.

I'm calling for Indian food. CSA be damned.

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