Friday, July 13, 2007

CSA, Weeks 2-3

The CSA share is a great investment. Life is a little chaotic, so I haven't updated you on the goodness.

This week:
Basil (I don't care for pesto, and not much for basil in general, so if anyone has ideas for alternate uses I'd appreciate it)
2 HUGE zucchini
6 ears sweet corn
6 or so pickling cucumbers (Kay from the farm said you can eat them in salad, but I might try a quick pickle method on them)
Snow Peas
Big bag of lettuce--I bought some more beets, so I am making more beet salad. Yum yum.)

The Romance Heroine came over for dinner last night and we had spicy chicken thighs with yogurt sauce ( Cooking Light recipe, couscous, and zucchini-corn-onion-red pepper saute. And we had the Lime Rum Shrub, which turned out awsome. You can drink it straight or mix it with ginger ale and add maraschino cherries and a little lime. Then, somewhat tipsy, we went to DQ. And then we played The Sassy Experience, which is somewhat lame.

Last week's CSA haul:
1 big onion
2 cups popcorn
Shelling peas

And a pattypan squash, which I hate to say, but it is true--looks like a genital wart.

Off to cook some dinner!


holly_44109 said...

My life has also been a little chaotic so I have not updated my CSA info or photography the goods.

Last night we grilled corn, okra and one zucchini. I'm thinking the other must be made into zucchini bread.

The Romance Heroine said...

Hey, I liked The Sassy Experience. Except for the part where you have to do things, like pretend you're a crossing guard.