Sunday, July 15, 2007

No Dewey? Why The Hell Did I Put Myself Through Cataloging Then?

Because that was a semester of hell, I tell you.

When I was in NJ for Grandma's funeral, this library in Gilbert, AZ came up , and Dusie and Aces volunteered to go check it out for me. Such good sisters, willing to investigate library innovation for a good cause and Dunkin' Donuts latte monies. They were both appalled at the no Dewey/no identifying number--and keep in mind, my sisters, although college educated, are not big readers and do not have strong library habits. They also said that people in Gilbert are really stupid. We're really interested to see how this works out. My feeling is that while people say they're there to browse, that behavior applies to fiction. Nonfiction's a whole other bag, and I don't see the Barnes And Noble shelving model applying well to anyone who needs to do research, which even public library patrons need to do sometimes.

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I'll have you know I walked to the library on Monday! T