Monday, July 23, 2007

The Introvert Advantage: How To Thrive In An Extrovert World--Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D

Here's the deal: I am an introvert. Hell, I even come from a family of introverts. Together, we are completely happy sitting around and not talking. We don't need to be entertained. Family get togethers are often punctuated by at least one person vanishing for 15 minutes or so into another room for a little timeout.

I may be an introvert, knowing and proud, but even I picked up some insight from this book. Laney does a great job of explaining how the intovert experiences the world, how intoversion is different from shyness and social awkwardness, and giving good detailed strategies on working with your temperment and navigating relationships with extroverts. It's a thorough, excellent book for anyone with an introvert in their life. And it's a great book for introverts because she has some good strategies for managing your energy and breaking out of the ruts we often find ourselves in.

What did I pick up from this book? The fact that introverts gets just as overwhelmed by information as they do people contact, and we can wind up paralyzed by TOO MUCH! Which is a problem because we are people who want to know everything and think on it before committing to a plan. I recognized the problem; I just never connected it to being an introvert. And it's not lazy to be someone who needs a lot of downtime to process things. It reminded me of my favorite Andy Warhol quote about the machinery always working, even when you sleep. And my inability to multitask--sign of the introvert.

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