Sunday, April 27, 2008

This Whole Dating Thing

Once I move I think I will be bailing on the online dating thing for a while and going back to hanging around and trying to chat men up.

It's been interesting. I think I was right in that there's not a lot of good men in Cleveland and Phoenix might be a better place to be single. I also have figured out that I have automatic turnoffs--lack of enthusiasm, lack of reading, anyone who uses the word "princess," psuedo-philosophical bullshit, whining, and guys who watch "The Bachelor."

However, I did see the profile of someone who was good looking, articulate, an engineering student (love me some engineers) and had a big Coca-Cola habit. So maybe there's hope out there.

A few links...

First Date Tips For Women might be helpful if I ever get to that point.

The Eligible Bachelor Paradox. This article describes the lack of men for women over age 30 in terms of game theory. I wanted to slit my wrists, but at least the author makes the point that game theory only explains the winning of a prize, not the winning of the best prize. So let's all just enjoy ambiguity and uncertainty, and take to drink.

But in case you have a date...looking to brighten your face? Love red lipstick but feel just too noticable wearing it? Check outThe London Times Makeup Masterclass on applying red lipstick. It's amazing to see how the reporters face changes as the makeup artist works on her. I love red lips and can't wait to go out and blow money on lipstick supplies, which I need like a freaking hole in the head. I know that men are commonly thought to like long hair, but do they like red lipstick? The idiot ex always thought it looked whorish. Yes, I know.

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