Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Trader Vic's Story

I've either told or mentioned this story to everyone it seems. Thank you for your patience

Back in December, Aces and I were running errands in Scottsdale when we drove past the Trader Vic's. (Warning: there's sound on that link) My mom was very excited to hear about this--she had been at a Trader Vic's back in San Franscisco in the 1960's on a trip that she took (possibly with Aunt Mary Jane?). Since Jesse X's birthday is the day after Christmas, that's where they went to celebrate. I went back to Ohio that day, so I missed out. But the minute Dusie heard that I'd be in AZ her birthday weekend, she said, "I'm calling Trader Vic's for a reservation."

So Sunday night we trundled off to Scottsdale, and as we pulled into the parking lot we notice the sign had been changed to read "Trader Joe's." Puzzling. The valet informed us that the restaurant was closed for a private event. Dusie informed him that we had a confirmed reservation. The valet went to inform the manager.

Now, those of you who think I am assertive have never met my sister. She is a tiny, redheaded, force of nature. Dusie and The Don often butted heads because they were so much alike, and over the years the mental resemblance has gotten stronger. It's totally unfair. I get his temper and distain for the rules of polite society and intellect, and she gets persuasion and charm and the ability to bend you to her will. She got out of the car to go wait by the door for the manager to come out. Aces and I turned around in the backseat to watch her with the big eyes, secretly afraid this might turn into a shouting match (things with The Don sometimes went that way). After a minute, Jesse X got out of the car and went to stand next to her. Jesse X is awesome. During Dusie's negotiation, he said nothing. He simply loaned the gravitas of his penis and his natural male authority to the proceeding while letting her handle the manager.

So there's a little friendly conversation and some apologies and a promise to investigate, and the opening offer is a free dinner at the restaurant at the Tally-Ho. We go over to check it out, and when it's 97 degrees out and you were expecting floofy Polynesian drinks and pan-Asian food, upscale macaroni & cheese and liver & onions is not going to do. So we took the 2nd offer--dinner Tuesday night at 50% off.

She is awesome, is she not?

Did I mention my mom was paying for this meal? Thank you, Mom! She's awesome too!

Do you want to hear about the food too? I'll tell about the food if people are interested.

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