Friday, September 26, 2008

Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth...

How To Avoid Heart Disease? Brush Your Teeth, Say Scientists: So, like many a GenXer, my retirement plans hinge on not living too long. And indeed, ever since the family reunion in 1999 when Norrie the geneology buff told all the younguns, "There's only three things we die of: heart attacks, drinking ourselves to death, and "accidents," this has seemed a pretty likely prospect. Except I have good teeth, damn it. I don't deserve them, but I have no cavities and they are even naturally straight. Dental Ned said I could be a tooth model.

Several years ago I jokingly said I should found a group called "Die By 75" whose members would all pledge to not extend there lives past 75--no chemo if they had cancer, for example. Then Christopher Buckley wrote Boomsday, and it became just another one of my ideas that never quite reached fruition.

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drwende said...

You *could* be a tooth model. My envy is complete at hearing they're all natural and unstraightened.