Friday, September 26, 2008

Turns Out I Was A Vampire Myself, In The Devil Town

We have an official song of the Marlboro Mesa these days: Tony Lucca's version of Devil Town. You can hear most of it here. You can also watch the entire awesome first season of FNL on Hulu, including the end of the 2nd episode where the song plays over demonstrations of emotional vamping, the 2nd most important activity in Dillon, TX.

Dusie listens to tv all day as she does her eBay, and absorbed the song from the DirectTV commercials for FNL's third season. I have 3 (!) different versions of the song on iTunes. I say in my own defense, it's a really intriguing song and the Lucca version is only available on the tv show's soundtrack, which came out months after I'd first heard it. One has to pacify the obsessions some way.

The other night I was cleaning up after dinner, and Dusie came in to get some dessert and she was singing the song and I joined in on an attempt to harmonized. It reminded me so much of when we were little--none of us can really identify tune or key, but we spent a lot of time driving around and singing to Cats, Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits and The Highwaymen. And that's one of the warmest memories I have of growing up.

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