Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Only Thing I Miss Is The Steady Dose Of Crazy

Ohio is truly a land of weird and crazy. And it really has all kinds: paranormal weird (The Ghost Whisperer), poor people weird (southern Ohio /Appalachia), weird hobbyists (Civil War reenactments or vintage base ball anyone?), weird rich people (the guy who founded Progressive Insurance with his pot busts, art collection, and hate on for Case's management), normal people weird (the neighbors), weird crime . Seriously, living there is an exercise in keeping your mouth shut and a smile on your face as the weird and dumb just assaults you on a daily basis.

This is the kind I miss: Transgender Woman Charged in 73 Year Old Husband's Death. The story includes this detail, "Stehlik said investigators learned that Mason (the victim) had a fear of water so great that he rarely bathed."

So, what month will this turn up on a Law & Order, and which one will it be? SVU, CI, or regular flavor?

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