Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wardrobe Therapy: Week 2


Stalwart Staple. It's a moonstone color, an oysterish off-white. Wearable with black. Not real exciting. In good shape. Eh.

In person, it's more of a bright lime green. Oh, navy suit, how I wish I had brought you with me. Mystery of the Lost shopping trip until I find something to wear you with.

Should be a Stalwart Staple, but somehow just isn't.

Velveteen Rabbits. Flattering, go with my summer suit, but never recovered from being washed.

Again, you should work but you don't. Why?

Superstars. I wasn't sure about the peacock blue but it looks good with black.

Superstars. Square necks are absurdly flattering on me, the colors are awesome, and even the round necks on the other black sweater and the orange look good.


Anne (in Reno) said...

That green sweater looks like a great color from here, can you not wear it with more casual stuff (skirts, denim, khaki) or is it mainly work-wear?

Kerry said...

See Anne, that is the crux of all my clothing dilemmas right there. I have very strict demarcations between work and not work clothes. Work clothes are nicer. But secretly, I sould wear work-like clothes all the time, because I like being dressed up. It is v. confusing.

drwende said...

That sounds like an argument for owning mostly work-like clothes.

Two suggestions for figuring out what's wrong with the tops that "should be but shouldn't":

1. Compare the cut with the ones that do work. Go point by point. The problem with tops is often (but not always) the placement of the shoulder seams.

2. Are the colors ever so slightly "off" from the shades that actually flatter you?

Anonymous said...

some people like lime with grey.
I like it with chocolate brown.