Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wardrobe Therapy: Week 4

Week 4

(Yes, I know I haven't finished Week 3. I like to skip to another section when I get stuck.)

• Coats
• Gloves and hats
• Scarves worn primarily for warmth rather than for decoration
• Shoes and boots
• Socks and stockings
• Purses

Coats, gloves, boots, hats and scarves: my winter gear lives in the trunk of my car, because I won’t need it until I go up to Northern AZ to look at patient files. My winter coat is eggplant; I bought it last February on sale because my mother nagged me that my orange coat was in terrible shape.

No one thought I’d actually make it to Phoenix.

Also in the trunk of my car is a pair of orange snow sneakers. I prefer them to boots—they’re easier to get on and off, and the grip is much better on ice. I also have one multicolored striped hat and scarf set, no gloves because I lost them. Yes, they do sell hats and gloves in Phoenix; they are 30% off at the moment at Target.

Socks and Stockings: I probably need more plain white socks. As for stockings, all I wear is either nude hose or knee highs.

Shoes & Purses: These require photos, so look for followup later this week.

I promise to polish the shoes that need it before I leave the house, okay?

I should buy an iron and ironing board, but I am loathe to do so while 1) I hate ironing and 2) I have perfectly good set back in Ohio. I like the Ikea wooden hangers (8/$4!) and will buy more over time.

• What's your Status Symbol?
I want to be valued for the big brained, sharp-witted, enthusiastic charmer I am, not for my looks.
• Do you want this quality to be reflected in your wardrobe?
On a scale of 1-10, my personality is usually on 12. And I admit I have a weird craving/revulsion thing with people paying me attention. So no, I don’t want that reflected in my wardrobe. I use my clothes to blend in and avoid detection.
• If you want this quality reflected in your attire, how?
See above.
• Is there any garment or accessory that you always wear? If so, what does it represent to you? What about items that you frequently wear or that you ritually wear on certain occasions?

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