Sunday, December 14, 2008

You Can Sit On The Floor

I promised pictures of the new apartment a while back, and although it's no much to look atyou can check it out here. My new bed gets delivered at 6pm Monday and I anticipate being asleep in it by 6:30pm.

I was originally much more set against buying furniture, but I've decided I would like some sort of seating arrangement. I have other stuff to spend money on first though. The other thing is, I'm a messy housekeeper but I cannot see this place being a hassle to keep clean, even when kitties join the household.


drwende said...

You bought a bed! Good for you.

I highly recommend owning a sofa, as this gives you an excuse to sit in the living room.

Kerry said...

Well, if I'm going so far as to sit on a sofa, I'll need lights to read!

I went to your guys out in the far corner of Mesa, btw.