Sunday, December 07, 2008

I Eat Dinner

One of the things that has me reeling these days is the first world problem of "what do I eat?" Let me explain--for the last 5 months I have been living with my sister whose reign over her kitchen is absolute and strict. Fancy food is not tolerated. Great big cooking projects are not tolerated. Even before coming to Phoenix, I had lost interest in food. I like to cook for people, but not as a competitive sport.

And I should be all about the dieting, but after living with Dusie I am more of a butter addict than ever. Seriously, we were going through 3 lbs of butter a month for 3 people.

Due to an accidental sighting of the Sprout's weekly specials, I now have $7 of pork loin, which will be roasted today and served with homemade applesauce, mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. Sometime after 3 meals of this I will make cabbage and noodles (it's cold enough here in evenings for cabbage and noodles) with the pork roast, and then I'll have to freeze the rest of the roast until I think of something else to make with it. Maybe some kind of kreplach or pierogies with saurkraut? After all, the American saurkraut industry is in flux. Eat it while you can! The pork loin is done according to a recipe in Mark Bittman's original How To Cook Everything that calls for a sugar/cayene/rosemary/garlic rub, and some basting with white wine. There was 3/$10 Chardonnay at Sprout's, so I don't feel bad that half the bottle will go to waste.

Wende or Aces, if you want to come over to eat sometime this week you are welcome. There's just nowhere to sit except the floor.

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drwende said...


I'm willing to be fed. And I worked sitting on the floor for the entire month of November, so floors and I are pals.

Until my range heals itself, I'm on the Cooking for One track where one eats a lot of variants on the sandwich.