Sunday, January 31, 2010

Projects For February

Remember this post? I'm still struggling with everything on it. Not much progress to report. I haven't gone clothes shopping as I spent all my money on theater and music tickets, I have been falling into the false notion that watching movies as I fall asleep is restful, and my email is filling up. And if my desk looks clean it is because I haven't been at the office. Still, I try harder.

I have a couple more projects to work on:

1) Get 2 things off my to do list. Mostly these deal with correspondences I have dropped lately. Bad Kerry!

2) No Coke or outside coffee purchases in February. I was casting about for a small healthful change I could make, and seized upon the no Coke thing since while I love it, it's not helping me any. And February is a short month, so surely I can make it through 28 days of no Coke. No outside coffee went along with it as I spend a chunk of money on coffee too.

I actually gave up Coke for all of 2000, and when the year ended I went back to it. I feel somewhat ridiculous that I love it so, but it is really a beverage that complements all food.

Aces asked what brought about this bent to do something healthful and slightly radical and I answered truthfully that I think it's the anti-depressants. They make it easier to imagine doing something like this, and not an insurmountable painful task. Plus, I know that I use caffeine and sugar as a way to manipulate my mood for short periods, but as I feel more alert and able to concentrate on the drugs, I don't need to self-medicate. Better living through chemistry, kids.

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