Sunday, February 07, 2010


My best friend Genevieve is coming to visit me at the end of March! I am so excited!

She is leaving her husband and toddler son to visit. For those who don't know her, Genevieve and I have been friends since 2001, when we met at Weight Watchers. But we had noticed each other on the W.117th Rapid station platform previously--we had just never approached each other. Genevieve is a vegetarian, an avid gardener, a wife and mother, and works as a web designer. She likes physical activity, good local food, public transit, checking out art and cities, and has never been to the Southwest.

Here's what I have tentatively planned out--and if anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them. She comes in on Saturday night and leaves Tuesday morning. I am going to make Pizzeria Bianco reservations for Saturday because I can make a table of at least 6 if Genevieve doesn't mind meeting other people from my life. There are several options for Sunday--the farmers' market in Awateukee, fancy breakfast at Over Easy or Matt's Big Breakfast, taking the light rail to the College & University station and climbing the butte at ASU, and the Desert Botanical Garden. We can also then go walk around the joyfully collegiate Mill Ave, and check out Tempe Town Lake. Or just take the light rail around and go to Roosevelt for drinks and music. Monday we might go out to Queen Creek to see the olive mill and farm (they do tours on the half hour), and we can maybe go farther out to the San Tan Mountains and see if there are any good walks or drive up the Camelback Mountains. Or a trip to Sweet Republic in North Scottsdale. Or we can drive up over the mountains and go up to Slide Rock State Park.

Of course this is also a good kick in the pants to get the apartment into shape, and get a sofa, clean out the rest of the stuff, buy new sheets and towels. Maybe train the cats to be less annoying (ha ha ha!). These were things I was thinking about, but hadn't really made a move on. But the most important thing is that Genevieve is coming to visit!


Genevieve said...

I get a whole blog entry! So flattered!

Everything you mentioned sounds fantastic. Please don't feel like you have to buy a whole bunch of new stuff for me though.

Full disclosure - I am not a vegetarian anymore. I still don't eat much meat, but I did eat a barbecue sandwich Saturday night.

Kerry said...

My goodness, I don't know if I can adjust my mental picture of you as not a vegetarian. How is the Carrboro barbeque?

Don't worry about the stuff--it's more like I only have 1 set of sheets and was thinking I might get another set anyway, all soft and nice, but you coming makes me think, "Yes! Time is now! Great idea!"

Oh, and I forgot you wanted to go to Trader Vic's.They are not so great on the food for dinner, but they are excellent on happy hour.