Sunday, February 07, 2010

Week In Review/Week In Advance

Last week:

Monday: See below for the details on Phoenix. I decided to skip the show because I don't stay out until midnight on a work night lightly and I was way tired.

Tuesday: I went to see my mom because she arrived in town on Monday. Her new place is very swank.

Wednesday: We went out to Cibo to see off Boss Lady. It's like Pizzeria Bianco, but with a wider menu, no wait, a friendly waiter called Matt, and they let you hang out and chat. I did not sample the homemade limoncello. Cibo not as good as PB, but it's good and more accessible and about the same in price.

Thursday: I woke up very late and went to Starbucks to cut the after effects of the 2 glasses of moscato I had the night before. I left without getting anything due to the line, but Huntress yelled at me in the parking lot, "Kerry! Get in my car!"and took me through the drive through. In the evening I made up fruit plates for Boss Lady's going away work party. She's not a cake person, so fruit was more appropriate. I also bought a package of Tim Tams, the Australian cookies that I found at Fry's around Christmas, thrilling my teammate World Traveler. The .33/lb oranges are so perfect--I bought an extra 5 lbs for myself today.

Friday: We kept it going with an office happy hour at the local pool hall where I ate 1.5 servings of delicious onion rings for dinner and had a hurricane. It's a bad sign when the tender has to look up the recipe when it is in the corporate menu.

Saturday: I went to the downtown farmers' market with my mom, Dusie, and SJP!. Dusie was looking for tomato plants. I was caught flirting with a guy and his well behaved pit/boxer mix, Goody. No, I did not get the man's name. We then went to the chocolate festival out in Glendale, which was a disappointment, although Dusie did buy a piece of silver.

Sunday: I have to fix my skirt to wear it to our meeting with the agency tomorrow. I have done very little all day.

This week:

Monday/Tuesday: One of these nights I have to make snickerdoodle quick bread for another work thing. Who knows what else I might do. EDIT: Monday night is Scrabble night at Urban Beans coffeehouse.

Wednesday: James McMurtry is playing at The Rhythm Room. I doubt I am going.

Thursday: I have to go to Target. But you should go to see St. Vincent at The Rhythm Room.

Friday: Nothing lined up that night. It may be my usual clean the house/laundry/catboxes/watch movies routine. Or I might have done all that earlier in the week.

Saturday: The Crimson Conquest wants me and The Huntress to meet up with her at the asscrack of dawn to go to the VSNA Book Sale. I don't really want to go as I have given up on the book hoarding. But I might go so the Huntress and I can go to Matt's Big Breakfast and the Royal Coffee Bar afterwards. And the farmers' market downtown. Then I may go home and nap. But there is also a steampunk fashion show at Evermore Nevermore in Mesa.

Sunday: I am going to the Willo House Tour. There's also a free yoga class in Coronado Park around noon sponsored by Sutra Yoga. I may visit the family afterwards.

Monday: I am getting a car to go shopping. I plan to hit DSW in hopes of hitting the SW stash of Nicole Beautiful Apple Mary Janes.


tracyh said...
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tracyh said...
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Kerry said...

NOOOOOOOO! So he's a dog then? The owner, I mean.

Oh, that is funny. Dusie is the one who told me I was flirting. Maybe that's his Saturday morning routine, take Goody and some treats to the market and flirt with the womens.