Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lemonpolooza 2010

Once again, my coworker was generous in sharing her lemons. Here's this year's list of projects I will attempt:

Lemon sugar
Lemon bars (they are popular at work)
Lemon pie (my mom wants to practice pie making)
Pickled lemons
Lemon chutney
Lemon juice
Candied lemon peel
Honey lemonade (I want to try to crack the secret of Matt's Big Breakfast's version)
Lemon marmalade
Lemon rosemary jelly
Lemon preserves
Lemon banana preserves (hopefully for when Genevieve is here)
Lemon curd

I am cleaning in preparation. Help me, please.


Cookbook said...

Oh my. You are gonna hate lemons so hard when all this is said and done. ;)

drwende said...

Is it help with the cleaning, the cooking, or the lemon overload detox that you're looking for?

Kerry said...

Encouragement. Also a reminder that I do crazy things sometimes.

Bridget Callahan said...

Help you clean or help you find a a way to make homemade lemon drop candies?

Kerry said...

Alton Brown's Lemony Love Lozenge recipe makes 200 and requires me to borrow my sister's silpat. You'd better cough up an address, Callahan.