Sunday, March 07, 2010

Disgusting Or Not?

Proposal: Sweet potato tacos on flour tortillas with caramelized onions, a little cheddar and peach salsa. Maybe some roasted corn as a side or smushed in with the sweet potato. Would you eat it?

I am making this for The Huntress on Tuesday, and she liked the idea. My sister proposed I cook for Monday Night Dinner and when I suggested this she reacted violently. What's your opinion?


drwende said...

Not disgusting, but possibly on the sweet side for a main course. I'd happily eat one such taco but could see myself having trouble getting a full meal out of the dish.

(I do rather like how I'm imagining the flavor combo...)

Genevieve said...

I would eat it, but I agree sweet potato plus peach salsa may be a little sweet. Maybe a selection of different salsas on the side.

Cookbook said...

I think it sounds great minus the peach salsa. I agree with Wende and Genevieve that it might be too sweet. How about some black beans added to the mix?

Anonymous said...

I think sweet potato tacos sound yummy. I would probably leave off the cheese (I don't love cheese & sweet potatoes together.) And I'm imagining the peach salsa as having a healthy kick from red pepper & jalapeno.