Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not Everything Has To Be Commercialized--Savvy Auntie Nonsense

On Mother's Day I listened to this story about the founder of the Savvy Auntie website. She's also got a book out.

The whole thing left a bad taste is my mouth, just because it seems incredibly silly and like a bid to get to people to obsess about something and spend money, or give into a childish need to see themselves as popular and important. Yes, my life was changed and got better with the addition of little Miss Peaches to our family*. Dusie and I get along better than we ever have, as we spent most of our childhood at each other's throats. Peaches is always a good topic of conversation, and an amusement. And I look forward to the further evolution of her personality and interests. I don't want to be a Savvy Auntie; I want to be the sort of trusted and honest adult that was missing from our lives when we were kids. While I loved Aunt Mary Jane and she was a big part of our lives, there was a lot of reserve and distance to our relationship with her. That's why I am probably the aunt who goes to museums and teaches you how to take the bus, and can always be hit up for music, books and art supplies. And our parents had a lot of strain creating this little cult, an island cut off from everyone. Dusie and Jesse X want more kids, and I don't want them to suffer like that. That's why I told my sister that if and when she moves that if there was nothing keeping me here, I would move with them.

*I would feel bad if I did not mention that I am also Genevieve's son's Aunt Kerry; he's stated his desire that they should get on a plane and come visit me. Just wait until November, honey!


Anne At Large said...

I had a friend send me something about them (only slightly spammy) and could not figure out why I would be remotely interested in it. Yes, I have nieces and nephews, but does that make me a target market? I guess so (never went back to the site, probably never will).

It seems totally unnecessary to be involved with that website at all in order to have awesome relationships with all the short people in your life. So you have a niece and a nephew? Or are you Auntie like I am to a bunch of random children of friends as well?

Kerry said...

It's very high school to me, this need to identify as a Very Important Group.

No, I just have a niece (so far, knock wood) by Dusie. But Genevieve's son is 3 now and capable of forming friendships, and since my visit he has apparently taken to mentioning me at random times. I owe him a letter about KittenFest 2011.