Sunday, May 22, 2011

Progress, Or Something Like It

Remember this post about my summer goals? Let's check in.

1. Bake a Lady Baltimore cake.

Not done. probably will be done in conjunction with item #2.

2. Throw a party/open house.

Not done.

3. Clean my closet and separate my wearable size 14s, stuff that's out of fashion, and current clothes.

Half done. I am going to a clothing swap on the 11th, so that's an extra push to get some of those items out.

4. Polish all my shoes.

Not done.

5. Engage in a yoga/home workout and bike riding regimen to get down to a size 14.

I have not been doing this. What has really worked for me in the past in terms of fitness is 2 things. One is making it a part of the daily routine, which was one of my reasons for not getting a car--I do a lot of walking, and I should do more bike riding. The other is the 1 on 1 relationship I had with my physical therapists--I do really well with the feeling someone else is invested in me. What gets me these days is the bad habit of getting on the computer the minute I get home from work.

6. Get the kittens adopted.

YES! DONE. Or at least, they are in the hands of AHS, and I can't find them on the website. Snowboots got adopted within 4 days, according to Aces.

7. Bring lunch to work.

Yes! I have been having success on this front, partially due to the donation I had to fork over to make #6 happen.

8. Limit outside coffee.

Again, due to #6, YES!

9. Leave the house on weekends and do something.

Again YES! I've been at least going to Echo Coffee (about a 10 minute bus ride away) on the weekend. And in addition to that clothing swap in June, I have a Scooter 101 class on the 4th. I also want to check out the fashion exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum this week.

10. Weed the bookshelves.

No progress--matter of fact, I've been adding to them. Oh well!

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tracyh said...

1. All kittens were adopted by last Monday.

2. If you need someone to be invested in you I could come over with workout videos or something.