Saturday, August 20, 2011

Now That We're Staring At The Second Recession, Will We Get Better Memoirs?

I read this older article on the poor reception for books dealing with the current economic crisis with interest (Yes, I view everything since 2008 as part of the current economic fuckup--it's all tied together). The idea that reading about the ultrawealthy losing everything to Bernie Madoff and having to scrimp not really flying with America's middle class is classic understatement.

Of course, I am eagerly awaiting W. Hodding Carter's book about frugal living. Oh, and the accompanying movie . I only hope it is in the genre of dipshit dad, as his story deserves to be depicted.

Could this bring Amy Daczyn out of retirement for an epic Mainer frugality showdown? We can only hope.

Even though it's very Oregon-centric, I do like Felisa Rogers' scavenger series for Salon. The core values of practical living in her stories are what I appreciate. And the fact that she admits she has no other choice but to make 6 dozen eggs, nettles, and scrounged mushrooms work for her and her husband. That attitude of "my back's to the wall but I I'll go down swinging" is more my style than Carter's showmanship.

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