Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Week

So yes, it is the Christmas hols and all that.

As both an atheist and a lazy person, these are hard times. I am into the festivity of the holiday, but horrible with the deadlines of it all. I don't get a tree to decorate, on account of the cats taking it down.

I was going to make a felt ball garland, but the craft place online was all sold out of the balls I wanted. Maybe in time for next year.

As for gifts, we three sisters and possibly our mam are going out to tea soonish. Soonish because my sister Dusie is due to give birth around January 25th, and I am visiting Genevieve on the 13th. That is our gift to each other, although I told them I reserve the right to purchase used paperbacks and make truffles to put in stockings. Face it, around this time of year I always buy myself a ton of presents anyhow. So I have gifts for Peaches and Genevieve's family, and have to get something for Jesse X and my mom.

My mam did buy me 252 pounds of kitty litter as a Christmas gift though. I told her that Cain and Willa will think of her fondly over the next 6 months every time they poop.

My soundtrack to all this will be NPR's Jingle Jams along with my Christmas music CDs. For instance, I bought the She & Him Christmas album this year.

The schedule:

Monday: Make fruitcake and get presents out in the mail. I am macerating my dried fruit in rum instead of Maker's Mark. But I did wind up using a lot of dried pineapple in the fruit mix, so it should work.
Tuesday: Bake cookies with Dusie. We are making pecan balls, and maybe biscotti. I also want to pick out some other cookie recipes to try.
Wednesday: Final shopping day for groceries and such.
Thursday: Make truffles
Friday: Go shopping, make more truffles, wrap presents.
Saturday: Probably hanging out with my sister and her family. Aces goes off to her boyfriend's huge Christmas Eve celebration.
Sunday: Christmas

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Cookbook said...

Kitty litter is an excellent gift. I suggested that to John for his sister actually -- they frequently rent a car to drive back to NY and while they're here they load up on things like litter and cleaning supplies and TP -- all of which are hard to carry without a car on Manhattan. Or are super overpriced at the Dominican bodega on their street. He scoffed but I like practical gifts.