Monday, December 26, 2011

Holidays Are Not Over!

Time for the annual ritual: eating the gingerbread house! The kit I bought from Bountiful Baskets has not been assembled. The thought of buying candy to adorn it depressed me. Maybe I could deck its halls with dried fruit and nuts? I have plenty of those.

My grandmother (who I call "SuperBaba" for Peaches' reference, but who really should be referred to as "Baba Yaga") used to make gingerbread houses from the plans Good Housekeeping would publish every year. She was half blind from cataracts and could barely read, but man, could that woman craft--she could make anything! She built her own house from a Sears plan in the '50s. A gingerbread house was nothing. She would give them to us. They were beautiful, but totally wasteful--incredible for the amount of inedible candy that adorned them and the hardness of the gingerbread.

When I looked at this mod gingerbread house I laughed because even I could make that. And I wouldn't need an $80 kit. Okay, I would use graham crackers, which is cheating, but still.

The brownstone gingerbread house is amazing. I appreciate the creator's disclosure that she has been to both pastry and architecture school.

And here's a slideshow of other gingerbread creations. Geodesic dome, anyone?

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