Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Feel All Lucky And Blessed

Okay first off, I have a job interview on Wednesday. It was the capper of a great week in which I left the house and had fun a lot--more on those adventures later. It's for a job that while I may be overqualified for it and it represents a step back on my resume, it has a lot of side quality-of-life benefits: it's on the 29 bus route, it's back in the library world, it would probably allow me to meet a lot of interesting people and directly engage with them, a good schedule, and you know, it's WORK.

I think that in 2012 I should direct my self-improvement/therapy efforts on trying to figure out my career. I don't want to work for crazy people who make me feel anxious and bad about myself, but it really seems like I've got a thing for finding such positions and getting trapped in them. Not to mention, I am the queen of "just jobs" and the whole librarian thing is impossible.

Or maybe I should just let Terry the T-Rex run my career. I imagine her advice would involve a lot of teeth baring and running down the weak.

Additionally, tonight Aces is performing for pay and possibly using jokes we co-wrote last week about porn and the Kitten Party DVD I took out of the library. I am having a dinner beforehand with The Huntress and Winter at my house. I will probably make chicken soft tacos. I made them about 2 years ago for The Huntress and brought them in for lunch, and she still talks about them! And I will probably also make a marmalade cake.

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tracyh said...

Thank you for coming! The Kitten Party DVDs are not finished jokes yet.....but more then 80% is there I just need to think of a punchline or a story to work them into.