Monday, January 23, 2012

The BUST DIY Guide To Life--Laurie Henzel & Debbie Stoller

I have to start this review with a factual statement: I AM OLD. Know why? Because in 1993, at Mac's Backs Paperbacks in Cleveland Heights, OH, I picked up issue #1 of BUST. Yes, I am so old that I remember when BUST was this riot grrl, feminist-minded, sex positive alternative ladies' mag. It's morphed over the years into a more craft-minded publication, and this compilation of pieces from the magazine reflects that.

The subtitle is "Making Your Way Through Every Day," which implies a more advice-oriented slant to this book. What it is is a project book--mostly the great home decor, beauty, sewing and food projects that BUST has published in the past 10 years. There's some advice in regards to 401k plans, camping, picking out a bike, how to do a homebirth, and taking care of a dying loved one. But those sections are too brief and a cursory treatment of difficult issues. The strength is really in the fun stuff, the how to do a beehive hairdo and compost and make string lights.

This is a great gift book for someone just out of college. But as AN OLD, it just doesn't meet my needs.

PS to Debbie Stoller--Hey, you know what you should publish next? A compilation of the 20 years of the "One Handed Read" stories BUST has published.

PSS--Hey, you know what would be really interesting? A literary analysis of the themes and a content analysis of those 20 years of erotic short stories.

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Solar Panels Newbury said...

I have never heard of that mag, we probably don't get it here in the UK but it sounds great! :)