Sunday, January 22, 2012

So Kerry, What Are You Up To?

Last weekend I went to North Carolina to visit Genevieve!

She gave birth to her daughter Lucy at the beginning of December, and I went to meet the new baby. Lucy is lovely--so tiny, with almond shaped eyes and Genevieve's nose and a little fuzz of dark hair. And beautiful long fingers! We didn't do much aside from visiting the cheese shop and hanging out--when a baby is so small it is just good to have extra hands to hold the baby. And of course I visited with Benjamin, my favorite 3 year old. He is so creative and very into superheroes these days. Why am I so tempted to buy copies of the Powerpuff Girls complete series for both him and Peaches?

Aside from that, I apply for jobs and think of blog posts, but don't blog because I feel guilty of not applying for EVERY SINGLE JOB OUT THERE THAT I AM NOT QUALIFIED FOR. So instead I seem to fall into watching Netflix and Hulu. Feel free to call me up and holler at me.

But I have a phone interview for a job tomorrow. I have mixed thoughts about going for this--it's $12/hr, 5 hours a night Monday through Friday, 5-10pm each night. I'd have to get my hands on transportation because the bus doesn't run that late. But it's an interview, right? And in the library field (MLIS required assistant position at a for-profit college). So good vibes at 2pm Mountain Time would be appreciated.

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