Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confession: I Haven't Been Watching Downton Abbey

I know! What can I say? Mostly I don't have any contact with someone else who's watching it so we can be screaming fangirls together on Monday mornings. Also, I heard that PBS has to trim the episodes a bit to fit American tv slots, and I can't abide abridgement. And I've been busy and involved in other serialized, romantic crap.

I seem to be the only one out there not watching though. The links I have collected!

Downton Abbey paper dolls.

Downton Abbey trading cards.

Stuff someone found on etsy that you can use for your Downton Abbey Halloween costumes and theme parties (Theme parties! Would anyone host a Downton Abbey theme party and invite me? I will fly out. I make good scones and tea sandwiches. I have a silver teapot and homemade jam. I will wear a hat non-ironically.)

Bon Appetit's Downton Abbey food column.

Inspired by Downton Abbey, NPR covered the decline of British food, blaming WWI and the decline of country houses.

A dissection of the show's worldview and appeal, from the New York Times.

And two articles criticizing the flaws of Season 2, which is apparently ridiculous soap opera shenanigans, from the New York Review of Books and Salon.

Now excuse me, I have to wonder if I can cut myself bangs of resentment and fury like O'Brien's.

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Anne At Large said...

I haven't succumbed yet either. But I'm sure I will... the last one seemed to be Cranford and wasn't quite so massive of a hit, did you catch that one? I do love some Dame Judi Dench, she's right up there with Maggie Smith.