Sunday, March 04, 2012

The State OF Kerry--BLAH

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Ugh. I feel totally blah.

Part of it is being unemployed for so long. Part of it is just the news, the fact that I live in a country that has so little respect for me as a woman, as an economic consumer unit, as someone who is unmarried and not a parent--just general disrespect from the thinly veiled patriarchal fuckheads running this country and seeking to continue to drive it into the ground. Part of it is because my hair is long (it's sapping my strength--I'm a reverse Samson). And some of it is just wanting something good to happen--a job, a really engrossing conversation or argument, kittens on my doorstep, someone buying me a drink. Anything.

On the positive side, Lisa Lutz's newest Spellman Files book was just published, and she's in town at The Poisoned Pen to promote it tomorrow night. I'm going, and I may be able to get my mom to spring for a delicious (ie, not made by me) dinner too. And next Monday I start my 4 week grading job.

I need an excitement injection.

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