Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Never Easy, Is It?

So as I have mentioned, I have a job doing academic factory piecemeal grading. It starts Monday and lasts about 4 weeks. It's out in Mesa, but reachable on a bus-train-bus-walk commute. Hours are good and it gives me the chance to make some new friends, earn some money, get out of the house and wear work clothes. Fabulous.

I've got my birth certificate (had to get a new one as I seem to have misplaced mine), mapped out my route, have comfy shoes, and was planning to hit the grocery store this weekend for lunch consumables. I even reset my sleep schedule so I can be sure to get up on time.

Except that this morning, the bus drivers went on strike.

Today's buses ran at 20% of the normal schedule.

Commence freakout.

I will probably be okay--I can ride my bike down to the light rail, and then through the streets of Mesa if necessary. Better get a haircut though--that bike helmet doesn't fit over a bun.

But jeez louise, when I get hit by a fucking car and killed or grievously injured, will the conservatives in this damn state cut me a break? After all, I'm trying to work here. I'm also carless because it's really damn expensive to own a car when you don't have a job that requires one. So take your crowing about how people should be responsible for themselves and shut your pieholes. A decent, well-run public transportation system makes it possible for people to work low-wage temporary jobs like this one that I'm doing. And I'm not bitching about the union striking because they've been trying to work out a deal for the last 2 years not with state, city, or regional government, but the private company hired to provide bus transportation.

Private industry always does it best, my ass.

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Cookbook said...

Oh shit, that's awful! :(

But yeah, the argument that the working poor (well, or anyone really) should just find a better job kind of falls flat when people can't even get where they need to go.