Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Update On Peaches

Cookbook asked me in an email about my little nephew, and there will be a properly gushy post about him soon. But here is a picture of his sister, who is in her own adorable stage these days. She is almost 2.5 years old, and here are her interests, in no particular order: fairies (especially Tinker Bell), princesses, kitties, goats. She is very into pretend, and if you call her by her name you are often corrected. "No, I'm a fairy, not a little girl. I'm a kitty! My name is Muff." Thursday she told her mama she was a raccoon.

She is also big on her fancy dresses. This blue one is just a lightweight dance dress (hence the pairing with pants), but thanks to her Baba and Nana she has 4 or 5 different sparkly, floofy dresses of different weights and lengths. The main rule of fancy dresses is no wearing them while you eat. Peaches is a very sloppy eater.

She likes it when I take a blanket and roll her up into a purrito on the floor. She is also very fond of stories, which makes me happy because BOOKS! She also likes to color.

The funniest thing is the way she says "nyaha" for "yeah." It really sounds like she is saying no, but if you ask her "Do you mean yes or no?" she comes back with a clear "Yes!"

The elephant is one of the many statures of animals on the streets of downtown Mesa. I think an excellent idea for some spring fun would be to take a walking/photography tour and pose with them.

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