Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Summer Sojourn At The Marlboro Mesa

So the cats and I have packed our bags and embarked on our yearly stay at the Marlboro Mesa. Dusie, Jesse X and the kids have gone to the Pacific Northwest on a relaxing family vacation.

Yeah, I don't know how that works, what with a 5 month old and an almost 3 year old. But Dusie has been sending lovely pictures and cheerful updates, and Peaches is a good traveler. She's been on thousand mile, multi-day driving trips every summer since she was 8 months old. The Plum is not so happy.

He is a little wrangler, isn't he?

Cain is completely at home here. Dusie's house features exceptional lounging spots, such as the wide countertops, the dining room table, and behind the bathroom door. I've been giving him free rein of the backyard when we go out in the morning to water my sister's collection of plumeria and let Harley go empty. I don't know how he managed to get inside the pool fence the other morning. As for his relationship with Harls, he hissed at him and since them Harley respects him. There may also be collusion as they both tried to stare me down while I was eating a BBQ pork banh mi for lunch--it made me nervous.

Willa had only been in this house once before, and remembered her trauma. She leapt from my arms and ran down the hallway straight for Peaches' bedroom, formerly the guest room where we'd slept. Then she hid under the toddler bed for the next 24 hours. She hasn't fully grasped that if you run, the dog will chase. She has endured his snuffing all over her, and Harley has quite the crush on her--"Oh little brown and white kitty, you smell so nice. You so pretty! And your food so delicious!" She grasped the idea of the catflap leading to the litterbox in the Arizona room, and likes to look at the backyard through the window behind the couch.

As for me, I'm eating at a few East Valley places I've been interested in, like Lee's Sandwiches and My Arepa!. And applying for jobs, reading books, and enduring the heat. Same old, same old.

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